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    Welcome to Mrs. Weyant's Website


    I am a native of western Pennsylvania, but have resided in central Pennsylvania for the last 20 years. It is here where I received my education and raised my family. I graduated from Shippensburg University with both a bachelor's and a master's degree in biology. I enjoy spending time outside, whether it is appreciating the beauty of nature, working in my gardens, hiking, sailing, or relaxing with a good book in my hammock. 

  • Weekly Schedule:
    Monday and Wednesday 7:20-7:50 PLC time
    Tuesday and Thursday 7:20-7:50 Office Hours
    Monday through Friday 8:00- 2:45 Teaching
    Monday through Thursday available by appointment 2:50- 3:30
    Contact Info: jamie.weyant@casdonline.org
    Subjects Taught:
    Biology II- grade 10
    AP Environmental Science- grades 11 & 12
    (10th grade honors students who have successfully completed biology)

    Homework Policy: Homework is accepted on the due date for full credit. Homework is accepted one day late for half credit. If absent, you have the number of days you were absent to make up work for full credit.

    Grading Policy: Grades are calculated based on points.

    Homework - 10 points

    Labs/ Projects - 30+ points  

    Quizzes - 20-30 points (quizzes may be announced or unannounced)

    Tests - 30-50 points

    Absentee Policy: If a student is not in class, it it their responsibility to see me for make-up work. I will not hunt you down and force you to complete missing assignments. This can be done during office hours,before the late bell, after class, or during activity period. DO NOT interrupt class to find out what you missed.

    A  92% & up

    B  91%- 83%

    C  82%- 74%

    D  73%- 65%

    F  64% & below

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    CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: Students should come to class PREPARED with completed assignments, textbook, folder, composition notebook, a pen or pencil and a positive attitude.
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    Save our planet!


    Join Eco-Warriors to be involved with plastic recycling in the cafeteria and beginning in 2016 participation in the Chesnut Tree Program.