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    • Contact Mrs. Stahl - Please email me any time.  I usually check it daily and respond within 24 hours.
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Teacher Biography

    • I currently teach Resource Earth Science, Modern American History, and Civics at CASHS in A308. I have taught Emotional Support at CAMS, CAMS North, and Faust, before coming to CASHS to teach 11th and 12th grade LS. Prior to coming to CASD, I was Special Education Supervisor at Fairfield Area School District for three years. I also taught Emotional Support for seventeen years at Waynesboro Area Middle School.

Class schedule

  • 1st period: Academic Preview, Room A308 2nd Period: Prep Period 3rd Period: Modern American History, A308 4th Period: Civics, A308 5th Period: Earth Science, A308 6th Period: Academic Prep, Cafeteria 7th Period: Flex, Earth Science with Mr. Johnson, A221