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Mowery's Schedule

  • Tuesday and Thursday
    7:20 - 7:50 Office Hours

    • Period 1 - Sociology
    • Period 3 - World History
    • Period 4 - Sociology
    • Period 5 - Lunch
    • Period 6 - Study Hall CW
    • Period 7 - CP World History
    • Period 8 - Sociology

Contact Info

  • Please feel free to contact me with any concerns about your student. The best way to reach me is through e-mail: kristen.mowery@casdonline.org You may also call the high school and they will deliver a message to me. 717 - 263-9281

Social Studies Rocks

  • I teach College Prep World History.


    This class has 2 components:  The history portion and the College Prep portion.

    The history portion focuses on learning about 4 major regions.  Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.  (South America and Latin America are covered in 7th grade.)  We work in 3 basic time frames:

    Traditional - prior to European involvement

    Imperial - The time when Europeans became involved

    Modern - The period of "independance" through today's issues.


    The college prep portion of the class is based on research.  Students will be continuously researching and presenting topics that go with the unit of study.  This will account for a large portion of their grade.  They must have research work done and cited - APA.  


    I also teach Sociology.  This is a 1/2 year course that deals with social issues and how they affect society.  Students are encouraged to analyze societal norms and beliefs on a variety of topics.  This is traditionally an 11th or 12th grade course, although some 10th graders take the course.  


    A few odds and ends....

    I do not take late work.  I have almost 180 students, and my students are 16, 17, and 18 years old.  The work is turned in on time or it is a zero.  

    The library has numerous tools to assist you with research and citations.