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    Welcome to my Geometry class in CASHS room B222!  I enjoy teaching and like getting to know my students. You may wish to know more about me, too!  I graduated from this school district and then earned my teaching degree from Penn State.  I live in Chambersburg, so if you see me around, say hi!  I have a son named Liam who is in 10th grade this year at CASHS.   I have a few pets, too.  First, and most important, is a doggie named Gracie Skye who is a joy to have in our lives.  She is a Shih Tzu and we got her as a puppy in July 2018.   We also have a parakeet named Dandelion.  He can talk too and is very perky.  My husband, Craig, is the supervisor of transportation for this school district. He gets you all on your buses!  He may stop by my classroom once in a while.

    I believe that all students can learn and that all students need encouragement to be interested to learn.  You don't have to be outstanding in school to be outstanding in real life, but it sure helps.  I try to make students feel comfortable in class and let them know that I enjoy talking to them and helping them.  I expect students to keep up with homework and classwork because those assignments are designed to help them understand the current concepts that we are discussing in class.  I think carefully about every task I give students and each one is given for a reason, whether to link concepts, lead to the next concept or reinforce the current topics.  So please encourage your child to remain current with all assignments! 


    My students have all been invited to their google classrooms.  Please see google classroom for the homework assignments and to see what we did each day in class!

    My Daily Schedule:

    PD 1 prep 

    PD 2, 3, 5 Honors Geometry

    Pd 4, 6, 7 Geometry



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  • Daily homework assignments can be found in the homework document on google classroom.