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  • Mrs. Jewart is a Social Studies and Special Education Teacher for grades 9-12. 
    She teaches a variety of courses at the Career Magnet School, including Psycholgy, Sociology, and American History

    Contact Information:

    Office Hours Monday-Friday 9 AM to noon, except holidays.

    email - cynthia.jewart@casdonline.org or you may call/text 717-778-3933

    ***Special COVID-19 UPDATE***

    Hello Students, Families and Friends,


    I hope this email finds you well and healthy.  I am sure you have many questions, as do teachers.  We will do our best as we move forward into this uncharted territory.  As you know we are experiencing some uncharted territory.  I wanted to reach out and let you know what I am doing and that I am here for you.


    You may receive this email a couple times, I have included to contact email for parents/students and the school email.


    I have been trying to keep myself busy with completing graduate work, getting those little cleaning “jobs” done around the house and spending time with my husband and animals.  I definitely miss seeing my students daily.  I am pretty extroverted, so self-quarantine and social distancing is very difficult for me.  I hope you are using this time to read, learn new things and enjoy family.


    Here are some helpful items moving forward:


    • I will be providing office hours from 9 AM until noon, Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.  During these office hours, students may contact me via email and phone.  Please email me at Cynthia.jewart@casdonline.org , you may also call or text me at 717-778-3933.  After making contact, we will setup a time to interact with students via Zoom or Google Meets.  Calls or emails sent after office hours may be returned at the next office hour day.
    • A new “Enrichment Project” will be coming out Monday.  This is not a mandatory project.  I included a short article relating sociology to current events.  This is not an assignment.
    • Paperwork for students receiving special education services will continue.  I will be contacting families individually.
    • Check Schoology for updates.  Ms. Garland sent out information on how to access Schoology without the app, email me if you need that information.  She also posted updates for seniors.
    • I have completed my grading.  Please email me for any questions or revisions.  I have included specific details below.
    • I will use my website to post links and things to share.  I am still updating, but be sure to take a look at what is there https://www.casdonline.org/Page/5773
    • Check out the activities form Shippensburg University below!





    Due to the Midterm’s requirement to be around people, the assignment has been excused.  If you completed the assignment, you received full credit.  If you did not complete the assignment, it will NOT harm your grade


    American History:


    Work should be completed up until our departure.


    You can still watch CNN News 10!


    Please check my classroom website for links to continue learning as well as other needs.  https://www.casdonline.org/Page/5773


    Helpful Tips from Shippensburg University to keep yourself busy!


    Online Coloring Pages!




    Try some Self Guided Meditation!




    Online Puzzles!



    Please continue to check the district website and listen to phone calls for updates.  Don’t hesitate to email me if you need anything.  This too shall pass and we will be talking about this all as it happened in the past.


    Use this time of quarantine to do those things you have wanted, take a walk, send a friend an email, learn a new language, get ready for the SAT’s, clean your room, clicker train your dog, and read! 


    Kindest Regards,


    Mrs. Jewart

    CMS Teacher