• Welcome to Mrs. Finucane's Child Development Class  

    To all my students:


    Welcome back to the 2023-2024 School year:)   

    Please use this site to find helpful websites for your students under "useful links," calendar of events, or to contact me by clicking "Mrs. Finucane" to the links on the left of the page or use my e-mail address at marylou.finucane@casdonline.org. I look forward to a wonderful and  productive year.                                                                                        

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  • Class schedule for Child Development I, II, and Tiny Trojan Lab School for students 9th through 12th grade


    Period 1                                     Culinary and Tiny Trojan Prep

    Period 2                                     Tiny Trojan Lab 

    Period 3                                     Tiny Trojan Lab 

    Period 4                                     Prep/Lunch


    Period 5                                     Child Development II 

    Period 6                                     Child Development I

    Period 7                                    Child Development I


  • Educational Philosophy-- I believe that each student is a unique individual that is capable of learning and has a specific style of learning.  As they process experiences and information, teachers need to identify and tailor instruction techniques accordingly.  I allow students to make decisions and be responsible in creating their own classroom expereinces.  I hope that as a teacher my role would be one of instilling the desire for students to motivate themselves and become self initiated learners.  I would guide and direct them to resources that we can do together and individually.  I would like to have items of interest int he classroom for students to want to pick up and study on their own--- out of curiosity of the subject. The students would then discuss and really think about the meaning of what they are doing.  They would be expected to articulate decisions and their thought process of how they came about making decisions regardless on the subject. I want to educate and broaden the "whole person", socially, emotionally, and academically.