Sapphire Community Portal

  • The Sapphire Community Web Portal allows parents to access their child's grades, attendance, bus route information, discipline, teacher comments, report cards, transcripts, graduation progress, and important documents. All documents are stored in an easy-to-access electronic "file cabinet."

Chromebook Information

  • Each student will be issued a chromebook to use throughout their educational career at CASD. Below are some helpful links:

    Remote Support

    Parent Help Center with Tutorial Videos

    To the right are the forms to purchase insurance on your child's Chromebook for the school year.

School Policies

  • Attendance: 

    Regular attendance at school directly impacts a student's success.  To support this philosophy, as well as state law, the following procedures are in place.  The following information can also be found in your child's agenda book. 

    Unlawful absences include, but are not limited to: skipping school, babysitting, missing the bus, tardiness, oversleeping, taking care of an ill family member, assisting at home, and avoidable appointments.  When an appointment must be made during the school day, students are expected to be in attendance at school prior to and following the appointment.  If an absence is declared unlawful, students receive a zero for all of their work during that time.  This may significantly impact your child's overall grades.

    Repeated unlawful absences may result in costly fines.

    While it is recommended that family trips and activities be scheduled so that students do not miss valuable educational time, Educational Field Trips may be approved for families who wish to remove their children from school for non-health related reasons.  Reasons may include family trips or hunting.

    Students may miss only a total of five school days (listed as Educational Field Trips) during the school year.

    The proper paperwork must be completed a minimum of ten school-days prior to the absence.  Failure to do so may result in the absences being declared unlawful and the student receiving zeros for those days. 

  • Immunization 

    It is a Pennsylvania state requirement that your child who will be in 7th grade MUST be immune to chickenpox (Varicella) before entering school in the fall.  If your child never had the chickenpox disease, he or she must be immunized by an injectable vaccine (sometimes called Varivax or VZV).  If this information is not on the school health record, the school nurse will send a paper home with your child asking how old he or she was when he or she had chickenpox or the date when he or she was vaccinated.

School Forms