• Procedures for entering our building as a visitor or volunteer:


    Our building secretaries are required to ask for photo identification before opening the door for anyone.  If you will be proceeding into the building beyond the office, please be prepared to to give the secretary your identification to be kept in the office until you leave.

    * ALL visitors are required to show their identification to the camera before the door is opened for them to enter.  Please note that this includes the individuals who volunteer in our buildings on a daily basis as well as visitors who are recognized and/or known by school staff.  Even district employees who aren't assigned to work in our building are required to show their ID as well.

    * ALL volunteers or visitors to the building who are going to be staying in the building for any reason must sign in and turn over their identification, which will be kept in the office until they return the visitor badge and sign out of the building.  Volunteers and visitors who will be staying in the building are expected to be given and wear a visitor's badge.

    * Individuals who are coming to drop something off, pick up students, or are staying in the office area are not required to hand over their identification.  They are required to sign the notebook.