• Procedures for picking up students at the end of the school day:

    Students who do not ride a bus are dismissed from the Seventh Street side of the building.  Because this is a public street and not private district property, for the safety of our students, they will be dismissed in waves.  

    Those picking students up in vehicles, please do not line up before your time. If you pull up at your assigned time and move your car after picking up your children, we can keep traffic flowing and reduce traffic for everyone. If you must park on the far side of the street, students must use the crosswalks where there are crossing guards to help them safely cross. 

     Kindergarten students with no siblings at Andrew Buchanan

    3:23   Kindergarten students and Buchanan siblings

    3:25   Students riding buses or vans dismissed to cafeteria

    3:27   1st-5th graders dismissed for parent pick up

    3:30   Students walking and students attending Boys & Girls Club

    3:40   Students who were not picked up will be brought back into the building. Please use the office entrance to pick up after 3:40.