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Mr. Enders

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I will be working on creating a list of my favorite books below. Check back as I will continue to update this list.

  • Project Hail Mary

    by Andy Weir Year Published: May 4, 2021

    Ryland Grace wakes up from a coma, afflicted with amnesia. Ryland doesn't remember his name, let alone remember that he is on a one-way mission to save more than Earth and the human race.

    I enjoy Weir's attention to detail, while providing sarcastic remarks to keep me laughing and entertained throughout the book. 

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  • Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle)

    by Patrick Rothfuss Year Published: March 27, 2007

    Join Kvothe's adventure as he describes and unravels his life tale as a simple man to a legend. This book is part of a series so check out his second book, The Wise Man's Fear. I am still waiting for his last book to be released!

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