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    Honors Chemistry

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    Pd 2 Honors - message - @wibleh

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    Pd 6 - Honors - @wiblehono

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    email Mr. Wible - sean.wible@casdonline.org

    Period 2, 3, 5  & 6 -  Honors Chemistry (10th to 12th Grade)

    Period 1 - IB chemistry I (11th)

    Period 8 - IB Chemistry II (12th)

    Office Hours  for extra help are: Wednesday 7:20 - 7:50 AM (other times by appointment)  I stay after school many days, if that suits you better, check a day in advance to make sure I am available.

    Tuesdays 7:20 - 7:50 can be available for office hours if needed by appointment only. 

    I am not available during morning time on Monday or Thursday due to Chemistry department meetings, and Friday due to Prof. Development activities.