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    My Schedule:

    1-Honors Chemistry

    2-AP Lab

    3-AP Chemistry


    5-Lifelong Fitness 

    6-Lifelong Fitness

    7-Lifelong Fitness

     Email Address:  robert.walker@casdonline.org
    Office hours:  Wednesday 7:20-8:00, other days by appointment

  • My Teaching Biography:

         I began teaching in the Chambersburg Area SD in 1987.  I taught physical and earth science to 8th grade students at what is now CAMS South.  In 1989 I moved to what is now CAMS North to teach physical science.  In 1990 I moved to CASHS and began to teach the subject I love-chemistry!

         I believe in being an active part of a school.  In addition to teaching I am a track & field coach and the chemistry club advisor.  I operate the game clock and scoreboard at home football and basketball games.  It is very enjoyable for me to attend events my students are involved in and watch them excel in things they enjoy.

         My teaching philospophy has evolved over the years.  Learning styles vary.  Student participation in the learning process is critical.  Frequent informal assessment is vital to instructional planning.  My lessons include short lectures, small group discussion, guided inquiry, demonstrations, and of course laboratory investigations!

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