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    Welcome to Mr. Moore's Web Page  

    You have found the site for information for high school students who are my Physics students, as well as Engineering Electronics and Robotics. 

    At this time this website is limited to Enrichment and additional study materials to be used during the Covid shutdown.  Additional subject materials have also been added.  Please feel free to browse the material in search of subject matter that may be of interest to you.  Additional materials will be added to the pages as they are created or requested.  If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will get back to you.




    Ofice Hours: I am at my computer Monday-Friday 8am-11am an should get back to you quickly during those times. 

  • My Schedule at a Glance

                                                   1st Period  Engineering 

                                                   2nd Period Conceptual Physics

                                                   3rd Period  Robotics     

                                                   4th Period  Prep / Office Hours   

                                                   5th Period  Engineering     

                                                   6th Period  Conceptual Physics

                                                   7th Period  Robotics



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    Bridge at New River Gorge

    Largest Single Arch Bridge in the World

    (My dad helped design this)

  • Physics in the Classroom