• Learning is NOT a spectator sport. 

    Students are expected to actively engage in discussing, writing, relating, and appling classroom mathematics. Together, we can make mathematics a part of the students' desire to learn.

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    Welcome. The Chambersburg Area School District wants to provide its students every advantage. This website will include specific: assignments, notes, worksheets, and handouts for Mr. D. Miller's students; links to helpful sites (check them out); contact information; and more. Please understand that this site is a constant work in progress. If after visiting this site and exploring its links your questions remain unanswered, please contact the teacher through the toggle provided OR mention something to him during the school day. Best of luck and have a wonderful day!!!


  • Effort Produces Achievement

    "For a long time Americans have operated on the belief that inherited intelligence mainly determines academic achievement. It is now clear that the amount of effort the student makes has much more to do with ones academic achievement than inherited ability. Given the right conditions and support, almost everyone can achieve at high levels."

    - Peter Hill, author of Principles of Learning, Teaching, Curriculum