• Hello my name is Ms. Jill Hornbaker.  I am the classroom teacher for the CASE K-2 classroom.  I hold degrees from Wilson College and Penn State University.  I have been teaching for six years, Chambersburg the last 3.  I live in Greencastle, and I am a mother of one daughter; as well as a grandmother of one.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at my district email:   jill.hornbaker@casdonline.org.


    Google Classroom Connection Directions 

    1.  Turn on your Chromebook and click next.

    2.  Hold your QR Code (enclosed in a plastic badge sleeve) up to the computer.  A green check mark will appear once it is recognized.

    3.  Read the Google Agreement scrolling down, and click "Agree" at the bottom.

    4. Click the Google Chrome Icon    Chrome Icon

    5.  At this point the student is logged into Google.  Click on the waffle icon  Waffle  in the upper right corner.

    6.  Click Classroom   Classroom , followed by choosing the student option.

    7.  Our classroom will appear:  CASE K-2/Jill Hornbaker.  Click join.