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Ms. Sellers

    My name is Ms. Sellers and I teach 11th/12th grade ESL English and Reading for first- and second-year students. I graduated from CASHS myself in 2013, so I'm excited to be back as a teacher! I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2017 with my Bachelor's in Secondary English (7-12). I later earned my Master's in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from Messiah University in 2021.

    As of the 2022-2023 school year, I also serve as co-advisor for our GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) / Trojan Allies club! I think it's important to make our LGBTQ+ students feel welcomed, safe, and supported at CASHS.

    I will become "Mrs. Plott" after I get married on 10/21/23! My future husband, Trevor, also attended CASHS and has been one of my best friends since 8th grade. We spend a lot of time with my parents because I'm so close to my mom and dad. When I'm not spending time with my human family, I'm loving on my family's 3 cats (Gemma, Mysty, and Reynolds) and my own fur baby, Perr-Perr.

    In addition to being passionate about animals, I'm pretty obsessed with reading and watching movies--especially anything scary! Two of my favorite authors are Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. Not surprisingly, I also love Halloween and get excited to dress up for it every year at school! My students learn to expect crazy hair and clothes on most holidays actually!

    At the end of the 2023 school year, I wrote a letter to my students that I read to my graduating seniors. While developing students' literacy and love for life-long learning is important to me, I think this excerpt epitomizes what truly drives me as a teacher.

    I hope that at SOME point this year, you have felt one or more of these in my classroom:

    • important
    • special
    • validated
    • heard
    • comforted
    • safe

    And most of all,

    I hope you move mountains, no matter how small they may seem, and that you never forget there’s someone at CASHS who believes in you.

    2023 - 2024 Schedule

    • Period 1 - ESL English 11
    • Period 2 - ELD 2 (Reading)
    • Period 3 - ELD 1 (Reading)
    • Period 4 - ESL English 12
    • Period 5 - Planning
    • Period 6 - ESL English 12
    • Period 7 - ESL English 11
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