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      Mr. Peck's                         

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  • Mr. Peck’s Teaching Schedule 

    Period 1  Small Engine Theory

    Period 2  BTM

    Period 3  BTM

    Period 4  LUNCH/ BTM

    Period 5  Prep

    Period 6  BTM

    Period 7 BTM


    Small Engine Syllabus

  • Teacher Biography

    Name:   Mr. Levi Peck

    Current Course/Courses Taught:   Small Engine Theory and Building/Trades/Maintenance

    Educational Background:

    *Graduated CASHS 2000

    *Undergraduate Degree, Shippensburg University- B.S. Mathematics

    *Graduate Degree, Shippensburg University- Mathematical Curriculum K-12

    *Teaching Since 2005

  • Teaching Philosophy

    As the teacher, I want to show leadership and be a role model for my students.  I think the educational environment has to be comfortable, so in turn the students will feel at ease as they learn. By establishing a level of mutual respect and trust, I can provide individual learning strategies for students, especially those that need more assistance.

    I plan to incorporate multiple strategies in to my teaching.  An important part of my philosophy is having students become problem solvers who work collaboratively.  Students will benefit far more by becoming active participants in my classroom, rather than just answering questions or recieving information.  I also think that communicating with parents is very imperative. Maybe the most important aspect of my teaching is that I want my students to enjoy my classroom anhd have fun while learning.