Herr Keiper

    Herzlich Willkommen in Deutschklasse! 

    German is a full year course available to all grade levels at the high school. 

    On the left, in the blue navigation bar, is a list of chapter material we will be covering this year.

    If you are in German One, you will want to select from the chapters listed under our first textbook: Deutsch Aktuell 1.

    German Two students will also use this book for chapters 8-12 before beginning with the

    Deutsch Aktuell 2 book around mid-year.

    I've included vocabulary lists and content outlines by chapter to help supplement your class notes and assist you if you need to miss school.   

    Please check the classroom board daily for homework and assignments.    

    My email: Herr Keiper

                     Telephone: 717-261-3322 Please leave a message with the main office.


     Also, visit the Questions and Answer section for additional information.