• Welcome to Mr. Johnson's Earth Science Class

  • Schedule
    11th & 12th Grade Earth Science Period 1, 3, 4, 5 & 7
    Office Hours - Tuesday and Thursday 7:20 - 7:50 AM (others by appointment)
  • Course Description

     The study of Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, and Oceanography.


     The study of objects beyond the Earth's atmosphere.


    The study of the forces and the processes that causes the atmosphere to change and produce weather.


    The study of materials that make up Earth, the processes that form and change these materials, and the history of the planet.


    The study of the Earth's oceans.


    Lab work, class work, group work, and homework approximately 50%

    Tests and Quizzes are approximately 50%

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  • Teacher Bio:

    I was born and raised in Scotland, PA and graduated from CASHS in 1989.  Upon graduation, I attended Shippensburg University to major in Geo-Environmental Studies.  Received my BS in 1993 and MS in the same area in 1995.  I decidied to return to Shippensburg to complete my teaching certification and received my certification in Earth Science, General Science, and Environmental Education in 1996.  In January, 1997 I was hired by the CASD to teach Earth Science at J. Frank Faust Jr. High School.  In September of 2001 I moved to tecahing Physical Science.  Upon completion of the high school renovation, I moved to CASHS in 2011 where I currently teach Earth Science.

  • Teaching Philosophy

    I believe that all students can learn!  I also believe that students do best in an environment in which they are welcomed and cared about.  I do my best to make all of my students comfortable in my classroom.


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