• be kind.  Kindness has been shown to cause a ripple effect.  Research shows if you show kindness to one person, that person will show kindness to four people and those four people will show kindness to four more people and so on . These exchanges of kindness can change the world.

    This school year South Hamilton Elementary School will be supporting the Franklin County Homeless Shelter.   The reward is the self-satisfaction of helping others.  There will be a box outside the office area for donations to be dropped off by the students/staff.  Most items can be purchased very reasonably at any Dollar Tree Store or store of your choice.  We try to do our collection the 2nd week of each month but donations will be accepted at any time as well. 

    October Needs:

    Laundry Detergent / Dish Soap / Trash Bags / Shower Cleaner / Comet / Toilet Bowl Cleaner / Toilet Paper / Paper Towels / Kleenex / Napkins / Lysol Wipes / Baby Wipes


    November & December Needs:

    *Men, women & children of all ages - asking for purchased items please

    Package of socks / hats / gloves / scarves / fleece blankets




    *Or any other non-perishable food or toiletry item will be accepted/appreciated!