• Mark Elko

    Health and Physical Education Teacher

    Grades 9-12




    Personal Fitness Challenge

    As you continue to stay safe and strong... remember, you don't need a whole lot of space to activate major muscle chains and elevate your heart rate.  Try this one...drop to a push-up position from a standing position.  Perform a push-up then stand up.  Drop back down and perform two push-ups then stand up again.  Drop back down and perform three etc.  Repeat as many times as you can increasing push-ups by one without taking a break.  If you are a beginner...try just one today, then tomorrow, try two.  If you are more advanced, try jumping in the air after your push-ups from a full depth squat position.  Check your heart rate upon completion and remember our target heart rate range is 121-164 beats per minute.  How do you match up?  The most I have witnessed a student perform is thirteen.  

    Cross-curricular application: what formula would you use to calculate how many total push-ups you performed if you completed fourteen rounds (you would be the new champion)?


    My schedule:

    Period 1... Team Sports

    Period 2... Team Sports

    Period 3... Strength Training

    Period 5... Team Sports

    Period 6... Strength Training

    Period 7... Strength Training


    Grading guidelines for Physical Education and Health classes

    All students are required to purchase a Physical Education uniform from our Trojan student store.  Students have the opportunity to earn a minimum of 3 points per day based on preparation (uniform), participation and effort.  Students will also be assessed by demonstrating knowledge on written exams or projects.  Students may make-up Physical Education classes during activity periods.

    Health class grading is based on participation in group discussion, various in-class/out of class assignments and written exams.


    Background information

    I graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Health and Physical Education and a certification in Driver Education.  I earned a Master's Degree in Education from Wilkes University. I have been teaching at CASHS since February 1999.  I taught Driver Education for 12 years and am currently in my thirteenth year of teaching Health and Physical Education at CASHS.