• Transportation at the End of the School Day:   We will no longer be able to accept verbal directions by telephone if you are making a change to your child's transportation at the end of the school day.  If you forgot to send the note in the morning,  it is necessary for you to come into the building with identification and personally write the note to authorize release prior to dismissal.  There have been past miscommunications that have caused extreme unnecessary stress to students.  We sincerely appreciate your part in making this important step a priority in your child's well being and safety!   Thank you!


    Transport Guidelines

     Morning Drop Off:

    All students may enter at 8:45 am, upon which the bell rings.  Doors will be closed and locked at 9:00 am. After the 9:00 am bell, please sign students in as tardy in the front office.  Identification is required to enter the building. 

     Please do not drop student(s) off until you see an adult standing by the door waving to give the okay to let your child out.

     For a smoother transition, have your child ready to exit the vehicle upon stopping at the yellow stop sign. Child should be able to get out of the car on their own.  Please have them prepared with their book bag/lunch or other items needed, ahead of time so they may exit quickly so we do not slow down the drop off process.

    Have your child get out of the passenger side of the car so they can quickly exit.

     Afternoon Pick Up:

     If your child is a transporter, they will be dismissed at the end of the day, 3:30pm.  You need to park in line in the parking lot and the children will be dismissed in the order of the cars.

    •  If for some reason, your child NEEDS to get out on the driver’s side have them walk in FRONT of your car so you can see them safely get on the sidewalk.
    •  PLEASE DO NOT PASS other transport cars! There have been too many close calls of children getting out of the driver’s side.

     Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of our children safe!