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    The mission of the Chambersburg Area School District Music Department is to provide students with meaningful, aesthetic experiences in music while empowering them with the knowledge and skills required to attain these experiences.  Aesthetic experiences focus on intrinsic beauty; the beauty of music unleashes inspiration and imagination. Music may be said to evoke "feelingful" responses. *


    Intelligence, according to the research of Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, is not separated into two areas - verbal and mathematical.  It is also sub-divided into seven additional areas: Linguistic (verbal), Logical (mathematical), Musical, Spatial, Body Kinesthetic (movement-feeling orientation), Interpersonal (understanding others), and Intrapersonal (understanding oneself).  Music stimulates those areas in various ways. Songs are linguistic; rhythm is logical; dance and manipulating fingering on instruments is body kinesthetic; musical interpretation is interpersonal, and the connection between musician and instrument, or composer and composition can be interpersonal.  Thus, being involved in music involves a student with all the aspects of the self. In striving to teach music to the State and National Standards for the Arts, students in the Chambersburg Area School District are able to stimulate their natural creativity through musical study.