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    • PE Department Mission:

    Our mission is to create a positive environment that promotes and motivates students to personally value a healthy and physically active lifestyle now and in the future.

    My goal is to provide your child with a safe and successful learning environment. In order for this to happen, students need to be dressed appropriately. Footwear and clothing are the biggest hindrances to being physically active. Sneakers are the only option for shoes; other types of footwear can cause safety concerns during class. PE is a more structured setting than recess, so students should dress accordingly.



    •  Grades:

    My belief is that students need to learn basic movement patterns, as well as fundamental skills. Your child will participate in a variety of activities and games that will give them numerous opportunities to practice these skills. I will be assessing their progress/mastery of these skills throughout the year. Their grade, however, will not be based solely on their skills. Several other key components will make up their grade.


    Students will be graded in the following areas:

    *Appropriate footwear                                 * Attitude/Sportsmanship/Teamwork

    *Participation/Effort                                      *Following Directions



    4 -  Exceeding the Standards =

    *I can explain my learning in detail.

    *I can independtly expand upon and extend my learning.

    *I can use what I now in new and different ways.

    *I can teach what I know.

    ·         Always wears sneakers

    ·         Always follows directions

    ·         Always participates and tries their best

    ·         Always shows good sportsmanship and is a good teammate

    ·         Always helpful with a good attitude



    3 - Meeting the Standards =

    *I've got it!

    *I can indepnedtley explain and demonstrate my understanding.

    *I make few errors.

    ·          Wears sneakers often (forgets 1 or 2 times per marking period)

    ·         Follows directions

    ·         Participates and shows effort

    ·         Shows good sportsmanship and is a good teammate

    ·         Usually helpful with a good attitude



    2 - Approching the Standards =

    *My understanding is delveoping.

    *Sometimes I can show my understanding on my own.

    *Sometimes I need help or an example.

    ·         Rarely wears sneakers

    ·         Does not follow directions

    ·         Shows no effort and/or participation

    ·         Poor sportsmanship and has trouble working with others

    ·         Rarely helpful and/or has a poor attitude



    1 - Limited Progress =

    *I know what I am working toward.

    *I am beginning to learn this.

    *I need support from my teacher or others to understand this better and complete my work.

    ·         Sometimes wears sneakers (forgets 3+ times per marking period)

    ·         Has trouble following directions

    ·         Minimal effort and/or participation

    ·         Sometimes shows poor sportsmanship and/or has trouble working with others

    ·         Sometimes helpful and/or has an OK attitude



    •  Schedule

     Day 1   New Franklin Elementary

    Day 2   Guilford Hills Elementary

    Day 3   Guilford Hills Elementary

    Day 4   Stevens Elementary

    Day 5   Stevens Elementary

    •  REMINDERS!!!

    ***Always wear SNEAKERS***

    ***Do not wear sandals, flipflops, clogs, crocs, or boots***

    ***Please let Mr.Ecker know any health issues you currently have***



    • Subject

    Elementary Physical Education


    • Grades 

    Kindergarten - 5th


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