• Local Government

  • Government Overview

    Welcome to the Chambersburg Area School District Local Government webpage! Here you will find general and important information about the local government. 

    The Chambersburg Government mainly includes the Town Council which controls the legistative and exectutive authority and works within the Pennsylvania Borough Code.

    There are ten town councilmen, two councilmen for every Ward with four year terms:

    First Ward- William F. McLaughlin (President of Council) and Allen B. Coffman

    Second Ward- Thomas L. Newcomer and Janet L. Lukic

    Third Ward- Elaine M. Swartz and Glenn K. Manns (Finance Chairman)

    Fourth Ward- Mary Beth Shank and Sharon A. Bigler (Assistant Finance Chairman)

    Fifth Ward- Heath Talhelm and Robert A.Wareham, Sr. (Vice-President of Council)