Mrs. Carkitto



    Mrs. Kathleen "Chelle" Carkitto

    Sixth & Seventh Grade General Music 


    Seventh & Eighth Grade Chorus


    717-261-3385 extension 50323

    About Mrs. Carkitto:  She attained a Bachelor of  Music Education from The Pennsylvania State University (PSU). She has been teaching for over 6 years in a variety of different roles including general music, chorus, band and marching band. Her primary instrument is Flute and she received a Performers Certificate at Penn State in Flute recognizing that her level of performance was on par with performance majors. 


    "Music is too important to leave to the professionals"

    Music is for all- Mrs. Carkitto strives to create opportunities for students to experience active music making and encourages students to take musical risks. In music class students will experience listening, reading, writing and performing a wide variety of musical styles.