• Donate & Volunteer

  • Investing Today for Tomorrow's Future


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    Explain the importance of community support in the form of donations and volunteering. Highlight programs and services supported by donations and volunteers that would otherwise not be possible.

    Provide a brief overview of programs and services made available with the aid of community support and donations.

  • How to Help
    Provide instructions on the process and procedures for donating to the district.

    List the options for donating, including:

    • Online (link to "donation form")
    • By mail
    • Drop Off
    • Publicly donating
    • Anonymously donating

    Provide instructions on allocating donations, including processes and procedures.  Your district can also provide information for donors on where to allo cate their donations:

    • Alumni Association
    • Foundation
    • Memorials
    • Honorary Gifts
    • District
    • Schools