Ms. Nelson's ELA

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    I believe teaching and learning ELA in a virtual classroom can be exciting with the right mindset. We are taking on a new challenge together, we will be learning at the same time, and I honestly love that!  I'm not afraid to make mistakes with my fellow teachers and students. I always learn and grow from my mistakes, and I want my students to develop that growth mindset.  Feel fearless to learn and grow with one another.  We need to support each other now more that ever!

    I have 15 years teaching experience and have worked at all middle school grade levels. I've taught special needs students, ELL students, gifted students, and cyber students.  I taught 8th ELA both virtually online through C-3 and in brick and mortar at CAMS S. for the last 4 years.  I am well aware of the challenges ahead and have experience meeting the needs of students learning online.  I will support you when you are frustrated, we will get through this together!


    Please visit the link above for timely information and communication.


  • Daily Schedule:

    9:45-10:30 Core 1

    10:45-11:30 Core 2

    11:45-12:30 Core 3

    1:15-2:00 Core 4