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  • Welcome to Team 6C!!!
    Click the link below to practice Common Core terms!

    This year, you will be using your own personal Lexile to guide you in choosing independent reading books that are on the right level for YOU. If you aren't sure what a Lexile is, check out the video below. We will also be talking a LOT about it this year in ELA.






    to watch a video explaining what is meant by a Lexile measure.  

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    When you are reading independently, you should always be using these reading strategies:



    Making Connections

    Making Inferences





    We are also working on some HOTS as we read (Higher Order Thinking Skills), as we are evaluating, analyzing, applying, & creating.

    I encourage you to READ, READ, READ as much as possible on your own. This helps to increase fluency, vocabulary, comprehension.....etc.


    The more you read, the more you know....and the more you know, the smarter you grow! :)



    We will also be doing a lot of writing this year. We will be working on Narrative, Argumentative (persuasive), and Explanatory (informative) writing. These should all be familiar forms of writing from your elementary writing experience. Make sure you are ready to polish those writing skills and create some GREAT writing to share with us! 



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