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    Today we will improve! 

    March 11-15, 2019  

    6th grade Learning Support English Language Arts: Our focus this week will be identifyng text features. The students will be working with task cards and an article on the Titanic to identify a variety of text features. We will also continue using the  R.A.C.E. writing strategy (Restating the questions, Answering the question, Citing evidence, and Explaining the evidence).  This strategy will help students answer text dependent analysis questions.  On Friday, students will work on Moby Max.  The March challenge continues on Moby Max.  Students earn point based on how many minutes they spend on Moby Max in the follwoing: Reading Stories, Language, and Vocabulary. Our current leaders are: Curry, Brooke, and Zhannay! Congratulations girls!

    Click on the Moby Max link below!


    See our Clothing to Cash program flyer below. 

    Clean out your closets, bag it, and bring it to the white bin in our parking lot. 

    CAMS South makes $$$! 

    We made $272 for the month of January! We collected over 1,700 pounds of items and received an extra $100 for coming in

    First Place in South Central PA! Thank you for helping us raise money for the Trojan Dollar fund!

    We are quickly approaching the $10,000 mark. This month's total gives us over $9,000 since October of 2015!




  • Team 6C calendar


    March 12: Caribbean Map quiz for all students

    March 15: Two hour early dismissal for students

    March 18: No school for students

    March 22: Two hour early dismissal for students