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  • Mr. Kibbe is the gifted support teacher at CAMS North and CAMS South. This web site will mostly host Trojan Dollar challenges and information about field trips and special events. Contact Mr. Kibbe via email at jason.kibbe@casdonline.org.

    Play the interactive mystery story, Sentinel. It's full of tricky codes and ciphers!  

    Scratch project ideas at Invent With Scratch (free online book).

  • 3 Trojan Dollar Challenges

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 12/11/2018

    Remix and follow the intructions for a Trojan Dollar, as we discussed in class!

    1. Holiday Mad Libs
    2. The Frozen Code
    3. Holiday Greetings

    Let Mr. Kibbe know when you've finished the challenge.

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  • Two new Trojan Dollar Challenges

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 2/20/2018

    1. Scratch Cat Goes Skiing - a left/right skiing game

    2. Snowball Fight - launch a snowball to hit a target; similar to Angry Birds

    Follow the directions provided, show Mr. Kibbe your project, and receive a Trojan Dollar!

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  • Digital Breakout

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 2/12/2018

    So, you've completed the Olympic Dreams Escape Room game in class? Need another quick challenge?

    Try this Winter Sports Digital Breakout!

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  • T$C - Powerball Simulator

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 1/3/2018

    Here's a template for Powerball Simulator.

    Powerball is an interstate lottery game that gives players a small (very, very small) chance at winning millions of dollars at the cost of $2 per play.

    To play, players select 5 numbers from 1 to 69 (white balls) and one Powerball from 1 to 26 (red ball).

    The minimum requirements for this project are as follows:

    1. a list (or five variables) of five random numbers with no repeats for the white balls and a variable storing one random number for the Powerball
    2. either randomly choose the values for the player or allow them to enter the values manually by typing them in when prompted (must be in correct range and no duplicates)
    3. compare player values with winning values to determine the number of matching values
    4. inform the player how much money he or she won based on the number of matches (see link below for payout info)

    Ideas for extensions (any more T$!):

    • Give the player the option to enter numbers or allow the computer to pick for him or her
    • Use white and red balls instead of text for the number drawing
    • Animate the drawing of the numbers
    • Allow the user to enter the number of trials he or she wants to run and have the program track money spent and money won

    Note: This is not an endorsement of gambling of any kind. Mr. Kibbe does not play the lottery.

    More info on the game, payouts, and odds can be found here:

    The odds of winning the jackpot (matching all six numbers) are 1 in 292,201,338

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  • T$C - The Frozen Code

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 12/14/2017

    A gelato store in Maine (like Rita's) offers a discount when the temperature drops below freezing. You save one percent for each degree below freezing outside at the time of purchase.

    To complete the challenge, ask the user for the cost of his or her gelato and the current temperature. Tell the user how much money he or she will save (either in dollars or as a percentage) and how much the discounted gelato costs.

    Note: make sure that no discount is given if the temperature is 32 or greater.

    $4.00 gelato at 12 degrees = 20% or $0.80 discount and $3.20 sale price
    $3.00 gelato at 7 degrees = 25% or $0.75 discount and $2.25 sale price
    $3.50 gelato at 38 degrees = no discount -- too warm!

    Here's a Scratch template to help you get started!

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  • T$C - Sweet Sweaters

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 12/7/2017

    Remix the template provided and follow the instructions below to create a can-you-remember-what-the-sweater-looks-like game! 

    When you play the game, remember the colors of the stripes on the top and bottom of the sweater, the color of the sweater itself, and the symbol on the sweater. Next, when the 'blank' sweater is on screen, click the various parts of the sweater until they match the original. Finally click on the green circle to submit. A green checkmark appears if you're correct. Otherwise, you'll see a red X!


    Below is what the final product looks and feels like, so you know what you're getting into!

    Try to improve on the existing game.

    Good luck and have fun!


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  • T$C - Holiday Mad Lib and Holiday Greetings

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 11/29/2017

    Complete either of the following projects for a Trojan Dollar:


    Holiday Mad Libs - Follow the code in the template to create your own Mad Lib story by prompting the user for words and using the words provided in a silly story.

    - change the story
    - use as many 'join' blocks as you need
    - add more words -- many more words
    - test and test some more
    - add animation or some other features?


    Holiday Greetings - Make a holiday greeting card for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or the Winter Solstice.

    Use some (but probably not all) of the sprites provided. Feel free to add your own!

    Have fun and be sure to share your project!

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  • T$ - Izzit Videos

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 11/17/2017

    Earn a Trojan Dollar by viewing educational videos at Izzit.org and passing a short quiz. Here's how:

    1. Go the the izzit.org Student Zone
    2. Enter the following class code: D9Y
    3. Choose a video to watch from the Streaming Videos page. Most videos are 10-20 minutes long and are on the topics of politics, government, human rights, and economics.
    4. After you watch the video, click the Quizzes link below the video or go back to the Student Zone and choose Quizzes to take the quiz for the video you viewed.
    5. Choose your class 'Gifted' and name (first name and last initial) before submitting your quiz answers.
    6. Tell Mr. Kibbe you're done, and he'll check it and hopefully give you a Trojan Dollar.
    7. Limit one T$ video/quiz per day, please! :)
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  • T$C - Three Scratch Projects Available

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 11/17/2017

    Let's start off with some Scratch Trojan Dollar Challenges. Remix the project, complete the requirements, share, then ask Mr. Kibbe for a T$. Easy peasy!

    1. It's Raining Tacos - Remix this game and make it awesome! 

      What can be done to improve or change the game? Add non-tacos? Increase the speed as the game progresses (it is already a variable)? Power-ups? Speed up the cat? Instruction or game over screen (backdrop)?

      When is the game over? One missed taco? Time limit? Reach a certain score?

    2. Flappy Parrot - Create a Flappy Bird clone. View the instructions online or get a printed copy from Mr. Kibbe.

    3. Turkey Time - This project is fairly open-ended. Here are some guidelines:

      1. Make an animation this is at least 30 seconds long (not the same 2 sec. animation on a forever loop!)
      2. Have some sort of Thanksgiving or turkey theme
      3. Use the provided turkey or not (delete it if you want!)
      4. Have fun!

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