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  • Scratch T$C

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 5/20/2019

    Scratch T$C: Recommended Water Intake - How much water should a person drink, based on his or her age and weight?


    Can you solve 6 checkmate in 1 puzzles in one minute?

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  • Field Trip Update -- emailed home on May 6

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 5/8/2019

    The DC STEM Air Show field trip is this Friday, May 10. We’ll be leaving CAMS North at 7:45 a.m. and CAMS South at 8:00 a.m.

    • CAMS North students should report to Room 120 by 7:40 a.m.
    • CAMS South students should report to the auditorium steps by 7:55 a.m.

    A major change from the original plan: ALL STUDENTS will be returning to CAMS South for pickup at approximately 6:45 p.m. (front/main office side of the building). Students will call/text home when we reach Hagerstown, so you’ll know that we are about 25 minutes away.

    A few other items:

    • Students either need to bring money for lunch or need to pack a disposable bag lunch. They will not want to carry around a lunch box all day.
    • Cell phones are allowed to take pictures of field trip related displays and to contact home at the end of the day.
    • A small backpack (‘no greater than 1 cubic foot’) is allowed but certainly not required.
    • Sunscreen is not a bad idea, especially for those prone to sunburn.
    • Students may bring an empty water bottle to fill on-site to ensure hydration.
    • Additional info can be found at https://legendsinflight.org
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  • More Digital Escape Room Options

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 5/1/2019
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  • Ship Trip 2019

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 4/2/2019

    Ship Trip 2019 is this coming Saturday, April 6! Students should report to Shippen Hall, Room 224 at 9:45 a.m. (see map below). Students do not need to bring any money and should dress appropriately for a 45 minute walking tour of the campus. Please remember to pick your child up promptly at 3:00 p.m., too. Bus transportion is not provided to/from this event.

    Registration is at Shippen Hall (Building #9) – Room 224 (building is starred on map, use 'red' parking lot F/S-3)

    Image result for shippen hall shippensburg university

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  • T$C - Pizza Cost Calulator

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 3/19/2019

    Should I buy a 12" pizza for $8 or a 16" pizza for $12? Mr. Kibbe started the project, and your job is to finish it. Do some calculations and use some logic to report the best buy in Pizza Cost Calculator!

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  • Battle of the Brains, STEM Air Show, and Ship Trip

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 3/14/2019

    Battle of the Brains is this Saturday, March 16. Report to the CASHS cafeteria at 8:30 a.m., bring a snack to share, and have someone ready to pick you up at 1 p.m. Park at the star and enter at the arrow.

    CASHS BotB

    The STEM Air Show trip is on Friday, May 10, weather permitting. Permission slips and info went home last week and are due by the end of next week. See the Legends in Flight website for more info.

    Ship Trip is on Saturday, April 6. Info and permission slips went home with students and are due in about 1.5 weeks. This is not an official CASD activity, but is a great oppotunity for students.

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  • Code for Alex O.! :)

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 2/14/2019

    Chance of survival: <<set $chanceofsurvival to random (60,80)>> $chanceofsurvival %

    <span id="countdown">Decide quickly you have $seconds seconds left!</span>
    [[Wait and see who it is]]

        <<repeat 1s>>
            <<set $seconds to $seconds - 1>>
                <<if $seconds gt 0>>
                    <<replace "#countdown">>Decide quickly you have $seconds seconds left!<</replace>>
                    <<replace "#countdown">><</replace>>
                    <<goto "Run Away">>

    <<set $seconds to 15>>

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  • Let's Make a Deal

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 2/6/2019

    Here is the Python simulator of the Monty Hall problem. Can you make a Scratch version of this problem? Click on the green 'Run' arrow to get started.


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  • 3 Trojan Dollar Challenges

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 12/11/2018

    Remix and follow the intructions for a Trojan Dollar, as we discussed in class!

    1. Holiday Mad Libs
    2. The Frozen Code
    3. Holiday Greetings

    Let Mr. Kibbe know when you've finished the challenge.

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  • Two new Trojan Dollar Challenges

    Posted by Jason Kibbe on 2/20/2018

    1. Scratch Cat Goes Skiing - a left/right skiing game

    2. Snowball Fight - launch a snowball to hit a target; similar to Angry Birds

    Follow the directions provided, show Mr. Kibbe your project, and receive a Trojan Dollar!

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