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    ***KHAN Academy is a website to help you with your assignments


    ***Box & Whisker Plot is a good site for games  or create Box & Whisker Plot website


    ***Math Playground is a FUN website to play MATH GAMES

    *** Math Games   is a good math game site for Mean, Median, Mode, & Range

    *** BIG IDEAS math text book website

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    Welcome to Mr. Carr's Homepage








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    It is my responsibility and goal to persuade each and every student to Learn Like a Champion Today! through positive and energetic manners. By inserting confidence in the students I want each student to believe that they can be a champion in and outside of the classroom. If the student has faith in themselves then it will reflect on their academics. By doing this each student will be working towards becoming a high performing and life long learner.

  • SCHOOL IS CLOSED on the following dates:


    We have a 2 hour early dismissal the students on Friday March 15th. 


    CLOSED -----   Monday March 18th


    CLOSED -----   Friday April 19th 


    CLOSED -----   Monday April 22nd

      for Easter break








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    Parents NIGHT is

    Thursday September 20th 





    There are NO actual math text books this year.


    Students SHOULD be bringing notes home with their homework worksheets. 


    Students should also be checking their answers to their homework using their ANSWER KEY packets.




  • This is the HOMEWORK POLICY for MR CARR

    1st missed HWK Assignment = warning and deduction of points

    2nd missed HWK Assignment = warning and deduction of points

    3rd missed HWK Assignment = warning and deduction of points

    4th missed HWK Assignment = warning and deduction of points and contact made with parents via NOTE (signature required)

    5th missed HWK Assignment = warning and deduction of points and contact made with parents


  • 7:53-8:00 Homeroom

    8:00-8:45 Activities Period

    8:45-9:30 Related Arts 1

    9:30-10:15 Related Arts 2

    10:15-11:15 CORE 1 (Advanced Math)

    11:15-12:15 CORE 2 (math6 Sec 2)

    12:15-12:45 LUNCH

    12:45-1:43 CORE 3 (math6 Sec 3)

    1:45-2:45 CORE 4 (math6 Sec 4)

    2:45-2:50 DISMISSAL