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    Mr. Brubaker's

    Team 7C W2

    Questions or concerns:


    Mission Statement:

    As an educator, I will create a safe, positive learning environment for all students.  I will be a positive role model for the students, treat all students equally, and show what pure joy I find in being a life-long learner. I will help all students not only succeed in life but truly enjoy what life has to offer.

Subject Information

  • What you need for class:

    A Positive Attitude!

    1 inch 3 Ring Binder/Journal(provided)/ 2 Pencils(provided)/Agenda(provided)

    Pre-Algebra (Core 1):

    Math 7 (Core 2, 3, and 4):    

    Students are to check front board for daily assignments.

    Textbook online -  Bigideas.com


CAMS South


    Test Taking Tips

    CAMS South   

    1. Always read directions thoroughly.

    2. Identify key terms and useful information.

    3. Take your time to transfer answers to bubble sheets.

    4. Make yourself comfortable in your chair. (sit-up, chair in)

    5. If you are nervous, take a couple of deep breaths.

    6. Answer questions you know first. Identify questions that need more work.

    7. Your first hunch is usually right, be confident in your answer.

    8. Don't spend too much time on one question.

    9. Watch for related topics within multiple questions.

    10. Use proper English when writing responses.

    11. Think and plan before writing.

    12. Be prepared - study what you struggle with.

    13. Be well-rested - think positively.

    14. Take one question at a time.

    15. Do Your Best!