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    Course Guidelines (click : link)


    This course is MOVEMENT-BASED and will include strategies, concepts, terminology, and skill development with an emphasis on individual fitness, being physically active, teamwork and cooperation.  Activities may include, but are not limited to: softball, volleyball, football, soccer, frisbee, basketball, hockey, fitness etc...  In addition, students should possess an interest in learning and applying the principles of exercise science for improving their current individual fitness levels to include cardiovascular and resistance training.  Classes meet daily for the entire semester.

    This course provides an opportunity to further engage in activities designed to achieve peak performance by developing the health and skill related components of fitness through a variety of physical activities, to include the measurement and evaluation of each component.  Students will be exposed to more advanced training methods and techniques applying the principles of exercise science and the use of technology for these purposes.  Student’s evaluation includes daily physical performance in a variety of physical fitness assessments, team sport activities, recreational activities as well as personal fitness activities, various assignments, and a final exam.  The focus of this course is on encouraging students to explore and participate in lifelong fitness activities to reach their fitness potential and improve / maintain their overall health and wellness.  Students will participate in a wide variety of activities, in addition to understanding specific terminology, and recognize the school and community resources that are available.  

    Physical Education: Grading System

    Upon reporting for class on a daily basis, you come with zero points.  It is the responsibility of each student to earn the following three points throughout the class period:

    PreparationParticipation and Effort is 3 points per day for a total of approximately 135points for each marking period.

    1pt.  Preparation: having a lock to secure your personal items in the locker room, being dressed out in uniform and being on time- where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there.  Being physically, mentally, behaviorally and socially prepared for class.

    1pt.  Participation: follow directions and be active with what you’re instructed to do for the duration of the period.  You are actively involved in what you have been instructed to do.

    1pt.  Effort:  trying your best with a positive attitude, respect and cooperation with what you’re instructed to do for the duration of the period.  You are challenging yourself.

    Any classroom work, worksheets, physical and written assessments, quizzes & semester final will be combined with the daily physical performance points to result in the student’s overall grade for the course.  Grades will be entered into your Sapphire on a weekly basis.  Due to the fact that this is an "effort" based class, there is no option for extra-credit.

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    Self-evaluation using the 3pt grading (Preparation, Participation, Effort) system:


    Have you missed any days of school? Did you complete the needed make-up(s) for the absence(s)?

    How long do you have to make-up the absence?  Can I make up the points that I did not earn when I was in class?  How do I complete a make-up class?  Are you prepared for class physically and mentally? (on time, dressed out, positive attitude- positive and respectful?)  Do you have all your required items?  Are you disruptive to class / distraction to others?  Are you a negative influence on others? Do you routinely miss class time due to locker room / rest room use?



    Do you complete the assignment given?  Do you record your work accurately / honestly?

    Do you perform all of the required exercises? (i.e. use different exercises as instructed?)

    Does your participation meet the minimum pace / speed standards established?  If not has a new standard been established for you?  Do you listen to and follow the instructions of the assignment? Can you earn the participation point if you didn’t earn the preparation point?



    Do you use your records (previous results) to challenge yourself during your workout?

    Are you making your best effort?  Do you focus on what you are supposed to be doing? 

    If you don’t meet the participation requirements, do you think you earned the effort point?


    Physical Education Basic Guidelines:                  

    1. Make-up opportunities will be conducted outside of school hours at the convenience of the student and acknowledged by a parent.  The student will receive credit for their absence if the make-up activity is something in addition to the student’s daily routine and is physically active in nature.  The make-up must be submitted within ten days of the absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their absences.  These forms are located in the fitness room.

    2. Only daily physical performance points missed / not earned due to an absence(s) can be made up.  Make-ups are not available to receive credit for points not earned when the student was present in class and had the opportunity to earn them.

    3. All Doctor’s Notes that restrict the student form any and all types of physical activity will require written work.  If the note allows for modified or restricted activity then the student will be instructed to do so for credit, for example- fitness / power walking.

    4. Any written work (packets) must be 80% proficient in order to receive credit.

    5. Students will not need to complete a make-up for any school-sponsored activities:  Athletics, Band/Music/Drama, Field-Trips, SKILLS competition, as well as for college visits and AP Exams.  Please inform your instructor of these events.

    6. Educational trip forms for personal reasons such as hunting and personal vacations are not school-sponsored and the points from the missed classes will need to be made up.


    1. Students will need to provide their own personal lock, proper athletic footwear, and be dressed in the official school gym uniform for participation! Students are not permitted to simply wear their gym uniform over the top of their school clothes.  Sneakers must be tied and stay on your feet.  At the end of the period, locks must go with you.  Do not leave your lock of a gym locker outside of you gym period as these lockers are shared by others throughout the day.

    2. All jewelry should be removed and secured in your assigned locker using your personal lock.

    3. Cell phones I Pads and I Pods must be kept in your locker unless otherwise directed.  There may be times for the use of such devices to include I-pad / computer in which your instructor will announce.  House music may be played when appropriate at the instructor's descretion.  If any student finds that the music selected is not appropriate or is disrespectful in any way, please inform the instructor.

    4. PE uniforms are here!!  Put your name on it and be responsible for it.  The only exception is if a student has earned a fitness leader club T-shirt.  This shirt is permitted / encouraged to be worn in place of the gray physical education T-shirt.  You’ll have 5 minutes at the beginning and end of the period for changing.  

    5. Students that have two physical education classes are responsible for meeting the requirements in both classes.  Two classes means twice the workload.  

    Additional Rules:  (lack of credit earnings, time slips / discipline referrals will be issued)

    1. Harassment – verbal and/or physical is illegal and will not be tolerated.

    2. Use of profanity will not be permitted – you are expected to be show maturity, be respectful and show some class.

    3. Having an excused admit slip does not excuse of the responsibility to earn the performance points that were missed due to the absence.

    4. Be on time, be honest, be respectful and be responsible.

    5. Sit in assigned area for attendance.  This includes students who may not be dressed for class.  Students not dressed are still expected to earn their participation point through individual fitness activities as opposed to group or team sport activities.

    6. Warm-ups to include stretching and exercises are part of your participation grade, this is not time for socializing.  Focus on what you are supposed to be doing and give your best effort.

    7. Do not bring food and / or drink into the gym or locker room.

    8. Fire Drill, and Code Red procedures


    Student-athletes (the example, not the exception) in season or out of season…  still expected to meet / exceed the requirements in class.  You are being graded on class performance not your performance with your athletic team.


     This class can be a good experience if you work hard and train smart, but like anything else, is only as good as the effort you put into it.  Be prepared, participate with a positive attitude, and give your best effort. 




  • Health and Physical Education Teachers:
    Mrs. Yocum and Mr. Dent

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  • Tips for the TROJANS:

    • Health and Physical Education classes meet daily for the entire semester
    • PE grades are based on participation and effort- not ability!
    • PE Uniforms (CASD PE t-shirt, CASD PE shorts, socks & sneakers) must be worn daily.  You also must bring a lock for your locker.