• E=mc^2

    Welcome to Mr. Osmanski's Science page!

    Greetings! I am Mr. Osmanski, the instructor for the Environmental Studies and Honors Physics classes here at the CMS.

    Environmental Studies is learning about the world as a complex interconnected system of living and non-living things, how they interact, and how humans affect and are affected by the world around us. It will involve students in the study of ecology, environmental history, how different jobs interact with the environment, and the major environmental issues today. The students will learn through a series of projects, labs, and class discussions.

    Physics itself is the study of energy; how it can and cannot change, and how when energy changes it causes all the changes in the world around us. Honors Physics teaches this via a student-centered, inquiry-based, math-intensive method of instruction.

    To contact me, use this link: Contact Mr. Osmanski

    • Check the blackboard as you come in for the day's assignments.
    • Check the bulletin board for any work you missed when absent.
    • Bring your iPad, paper, and pencil to class every day.