• Mary Jo Foy- Masters in Comprehensive Special Education B.S. in Health & Physical Education & Recreation.  Highly Qualified in Science, Math, English and History.  I have been teaching since 1981
    OFFICE HOURS:  March 30- April 3, 202.  COVID19
    Monday -Friday. 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. via email:  Mary.foy@casdonline.org 
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  • 1. Attend all IEP meetings at CMS and CASHS for 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students attending FCCTC.
    2. Attend agency monthly meetings at FCCTC.
    3. Meet with agencies and recommend potential students for agencies to meet with.

    4. Set up OVR/AHEDD student dates and times and secure a room to meet in (I also follow up with emails before and after student has met with the agencies and then send the information onto the TOR as to what occurred for the present level and transition section of the IEP).

    5. Give the student the pre-employment career search form to fill out. I will assist them with the first search so that the student knows how to do the form and what information I am looking for, and this way, they have a sample form to follow.

    6. Schedule the teacher aide from CMS in the various shops and with various students. I communicate continually with aide during the day via text msg.
    7. Visit each career tech shop every day and take attendance on LS students.

    8. Visit each career tech shop and assist each CASD Learning Support student (make adaptations and modifications with Career Tech teacher and Teacher aide(s)).
    9. Keep track of student grades in Career Tech program and report progress to the TOR. Request progress reports from FCCTC secretary and distribute to student TOR.
    10. Safety Tests- Review and test and retest students for their Career shop programs.
    11. Assist students in studying for the various certifications in their Career Tech program.
    12. Assist students with mock interview, resume, cover letter and thank you letter. Assist students with interview skills when needed (soft skills). 13.Forklift training- give list of names to Forklift Instructor for LS students in each Career Tech Program and share this information with the student’s TOR. I also assist the LS students with job searches and filling out job applications.
    14. I assist the FCCTC Guidance Counselor with students wanting to shadow in various career shops and changing career shops if necessary.
    15. I can recommend a career assessment be conducted by FCCTC

    Counseling Department on a student if deemed necessary by the IEP Team. 16. OSHA Training- 30 hours. Get the students performance in this course and share with the student’s TOR.
    17. I am learning some of the hands-on skills in each Career Tech program so that I can have better knowledge of what the students are expected to know and I can assist them in performing that skill.

    18. I coordinate/communicate with counselors at CMS/CASHS/FCCTC; nurses at CMS/FCCTC, and Social Worker at FCCTC.
    19. I perform tracking of CASD LS students for FCCTC.
    20. I assist with College classes and placement tests for CASD LS students. 21. I compose a list of the Pre-NOCTI and NOCTI of the CASD LS students for the FCCTC secretary and accommodations needed. I also assist LS students in studying for the NOCTI’s.

    22. Request an IEP mtg. for any LS student as deemed necessary.
    23. Conference with the FCCTC Co-op Coordinator on procedures and concerns for any LS student on Co-op.
    24. Make contact with Co-op Supervisor for any LS student out on a co-op job site.
    25. Use of the Celly APP for co-op students to maintain contact in between actual visits to the worksite.

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