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    Welcome To The Chambersburg Area Career Magnet School Nurse Page

    Mrs. Jody Sprecher R.N. (CMS)

    Mrs. Jennifer Helsel MSN, RN CSN (CASHS/CMS)/Mrs. Amy Elvey MSN, RN CSN (CASHS/CMS)

    Hours That The Nurse Is Available:  7:45 AM - 2:45 PM

     We May Be Reached At: Phone-717-261-5656 Option 3/Fax-717-261-5658 or

    Email: jody.sprecher@casdonline.org, jennifer.helsel@casdonline.org, amy.elvey@casdonline.org

  •     We like to keep parents well informed at the CACMS and also encourage parents to be active in talking to their teens about what happens during their school day.  In the nurse office, we will be checking all students height and weight yearly.  We will be logging them into the computer so that you as a parent, are able to pull up your childs ht, wt and BMI on the Sapphire site.  We will also be checking each students chart to be sure that we have a current physical exam and dental exam listed, as well as that all immunizations are up to date and meet the State Department of Health guidelines.  It is a State Health Department recommendation that every junior has a physical performed either by their PCP or the school provided Dr.  Forms may be found outside of the nurse office, as well as on the CASD website.  Also every student by the start of their senior year NEEDS to have a 2nd MCV (meningitis) vaccine to be permitted for enrollment.  If you receive a paper or an email from the nurse, it means that we may need more information about one of these areas.  Please fill out any paper work that is sent home and return it to Mrs. Sprecher.  Also, we will be checking every students vision yearly.  If your child happens to bring home a paper or you receive an email from the nurse, it may indicate that you should have their vision checked by an eye Dr. to rule out the need for glasses.  Hearing checks will be taking place for grade 11 yearly.  If you receive a paper or an email from the nurse, it indicates that your child did not pass their hearing test here at school and should be evaluated by their Dr. 

         Please feel free to inform us, either by phone or by email, of any health changes that your child may experience throughout the year.   Also, if your child has seen their physician and is on any type of restrictions, please supply that to us in writing from the Dr.  Please make sure that the note has listed the restrictions, reason/diagnosis and time frame that the note pertains to and when the student is able to return to their normal activities.

         If your child takes medications of any kind, even cough drops and over the counter medications, please be aware that we are NOT able to administer them here at school UNLESS we have a signed Medication Permission Form by the doctor and parent, nor are students able to self carry these without the appropriate forms.  Forms are available on this site or by requesting them from the school (hanging on the wall right outside the nurse office).

         As always, we like to keep our class rooms as healthy and germ free as possible.  If your child has: a severe cold, inflamed eyes (pink eye), fever >1000, a communicable disease (such as Chicken Pox or Fifth’s Disease), rash of unknown cause, earache, sore throat, vomiting or diarrhea, or just plain appears to be ill, please refrain from sending your child to school.  The Chambersburg Area School District encourages parents to keep children home for 24 hours after a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or any other symptoms subside to ensure that they are well enough to be in school and do their best.  This eliminates exposure to others and allows the student to return with optimal wellness.  Also, when your child is sick at school or has an injury and needs to be sent home, to follow proper CASD procedure, make sure that a CACMS staff member has contacted you personally for student pick up and dismissal.  If a student does not follow proper procedure for dismissal, there could be a potential that leaving school early would be marked as an ILLEGAL ABSENCE.  During an illegal absence teachers are not required to permit students to make up or turn in school work while out.  Let’s keep our school healthy!  Keep in mind that if your child is out of school, please have either a parent note or a Doctor's note accompany your child when they return.

         Lastly, we want to see your child succeed, be productive in life, and achieve their hopes, dreams and goals.  My door is always open...to talk, to catch a breather, for an illness or medical reason but in order for students to achieve their goals for their future they need to be in the classroom interacting and absorbing as much material as possible.  For this reason, we will encourage your child to be in the classroom, as much as we feel they are able to accomplish their academics to the best of their ability.  It is our priviledge, as nurses, to help to sow into your child's daily life and future.  THANK YOU!!!!  Feel free to contact me at jody.sprecher@casdonline.org with any questions or concerns.