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  • Schedule for 5-2 (My Homeroom)

    9:00 Be in the classroom: unpack, fill out your morning form, complete morning work, listen to the announcements


         Day 1 Library with Mrs. Berrier

         Day 2 Art with Mrs. Van Winkle or Mrs. Truax

         Day 3 Music with Miss Boscolo

         Day 4 Physical Education with Mrs. Hoffman

         Day 5 Homeroom time/independent work or class meetings

    9:45  Science/Soc. St. with Ms. Evans

    10:305 Writing with Mrs. Wetherald

    11:20  Recess

    11:35 Reading with Mrs. Wetherald

    12:45 Lunch and Recess

    1:30  continue Reading with Mrs. Wetherald

    1:55  Math with Ms. Evans