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    Hello, Parents and Students!  Welcome to 4th grade. 

    I am looking forward to meeting and working with all of you this year. I've heard great things about the students from the 3rd grade teachers.  :)

    You may not feel the need to refer to this site too often as my homework remains standard throughout the year.  The students are to attempt to read 100 minutes per week all year long.  We will be doing the "Book It" reading program beginning in October.   (See details below.)  The students will also be given a weekly "Core Word" spelling test on Friday's.  These words will be recorded in their planners each week for review.  We will also have a vocabulary quiz every other week.  These words will also be recorded in their planners and can be found in the "Word Work" section of their binders. On the vocab quiz, the students will need to understand the meaning of the words, and not memorize for spelling.   If there are any other homework requirments, they will be recorded in their planners.  Every once in a while, the students will have a book project to complete for me.  Information will be sent home if there is to be work completed at home.  One of the favorites is the Puppet Book report closer to the end of the year! 

    The first few weeks of school, we will be going over classroom routines and expectations for the reading and writing workshops.  We will be building up our stamina for reading and writing independently.  During workshops, the students will be writing in their Writer's Notebooks and reading from their self-selected reading books on a daily basis.  Take a minute or two and ask your child to share with you what they have been writing and/or reading during workshop times.



    Monday: READ :) Study our Core Words and Vocabulary!  

    Tuesday: READ :) 

    Wednesday: READ :)

    Thursday: READ :)

    Friday: READ :) Core and Vocabulary tests!


    The Book It Pizza Hut reading incentive program will begin the first week of October.  The students will be given a packet of reading calendars for the school year.  They will need to color in the days of the week that they read for 20 minutes.  The expectation is to read for 20 minutes, 5 days per week.  The students will be rewarded a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza coupon and a sticker that goes towards the end of the year Ice Cream Party.  (The more stickers they earn, the more toppings they will have on their sundaes.) 

    The Book It calendar packets will be kept safe in their ELA Binders throughout the year, with the expectation to hand in each month's calendar at the end of the month with a parent signature.   Please help your child by supplying them with Good-Fit books and a quiet, comfy place for them to read each evening.   




    Day 1 Library

    Day 2 Music

    Day 3 PE

    Day 4 Art

    Day 5 Computer lab

Classroom News

  • Additional Information:

    Please keep your child supplied with pencils and erasers throughout the school year. 

    They may have a water bottle  at their desk. 

      All fourth grade students will be taught the English Language Arts curriculum in my classroom  Mrs. Sinnott will be teaching all fourth grade students math, social studies, and science.

    Please contact me with any concern via email or a phone call.  I am available after school from 3:45-4:00. Let's work together this year to assure that your child receives the best possible education at home and at school.  I look forward to working with you and your child this year.