• Mrs. Sinnott

    Homeroom 4-1

  • Welcome, Parents and Students!

    I teach 4th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students spend half of the day with me and the other half of the day with Mrs. Stevens, who teaches ELA. 

    4th grade math moves students from concrete representations of numbers toward more abstract thinking. A key skill that students will need to be successful in 4th grade math is fluency. Being able to quickly add, subtract, and multiply will help students to tackle the complex problems that they will encounter this year. Practice, practice, practice!

    The Science curriculum includes units on Geological Changes, Energy, The Human Body, Life Cycles and Traits, and Waves. I try to use as many hands-on activities and experiments as possible.

    In Social Studies, we will learn about the 5 regions of the United States and Pennsylvania History. For each region, students will need to be able to correctly label states on a blank map and identify the capital city. Look for study guides to come home for each unit.

Special Subject Schedule

  • Day 1 - Music

    Day 2 - Computer Lab

    Day 3 - Art

    Day 4 - Library

    Day 5 - PE


  • Students are expected to record homework assignments in their planners. Homework assignments will be written on the board in both Mrs. Stevens' and my rooms. Students will be given time to record their assignments.

    Students who frequently miss homework assignments may need to complete it during recess and/or miss out on end-of-marking period rewards.  

Contact Information

  • email : mary.sinnott@casdonline.org

    : (W) 261-3466
    I am available to talk before
    8:40 AM and after 3:35 PM.

    If you would like to meet, please contact me to set up a time.