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    Welcome to the South Hamilton elementary library website. Through our pages to the left, you will find links to assist in research that will help with classroom activities.

    The elementary library is open on days 4 and 5 from 8:45 to 3:45. The collection includes fiction, nonfiction, picture books, reference materials, and magazines. There are six computers available for students' use, all of which are online.  To access our online catalog, please click onto Destiny and then select the South Hamilton link.

    The goals of the elementary library program are to enable students to learn independently, to support critical thinking in research, and to foster a love of reading. Students in grades kindergarten through fifth have a weekly scheduled library time.  The library is also available for all teachers to schedule additional time to bring their classes to the library for research.

    All students are welcome to check out or return books anytime during the day, including before and after school, whenever a class is not in session. If you have any questions about the library collection or program, please contact Mr. Jones by selecting the email below.

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    Grade Level Check Out Policy

    First Grade- 1 book

    Second Grade- 2 books

    Third Grade- 3 books and 1 magazine

    Fourth Grade- 3 books and 1 magazine

    Fifth Grade- 3 books and 1 magazine