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What is FS Direct?

  • What is FS Direct? FS Direct is an online web site to help individuals to Schedule Facilities. Why did the CASD Buildings & Grounds Department purchase FS Direct? At the time the current method for filling out the Application for Community Use of School Facilities form need updated. In addition when these requests came to the building level and Building and Grounds Facility Operations Supervisor signature there were often questions or incomplete forms.

How do I request to become a Register Users?


    Anyone requesting to use a facility less than 4 times a year should contact the secretary at the building they wish to use.

    Please register your organization by clicking on this link:


FS Direct Web Site

  • FS Direct Information

    To enter a request, click this link FS Direct .

    (You must be a register user to use this program)

    PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE If you need any of the Setup Requirements (Maintenance Services) please make sure you check them before you submit your request.

    If it's not requested we can't guarantee your request can be fulfilled!

Liability Insurance (This only applies to organizations that have Liability Insurance)

  • Please make sure CASD has a copy of your current Certificate of Liability Insurance on file. Please send or drop off to: Buildings & Grounds Office 721 S. 6th Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201 Or you can fax it to (717) 261-3410

    Certificate of Liability Insurance on file

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