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    This year there is a similar behavior plan in place for all K-2 students.   Each student starts every day with 4 tickets.  If the student breaks a classroom or school rule, they get a verbal warning to help redirect their behavior.  If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student pulls a ticket.  This same process is followed for each ticket pulled.  At the end of the day, all tickets are reset to green for a fresh start the next day.  For each ticket pulled, there is a consequence.

    Green Card Pulled -- Walking for 5 minutes of recess

    Blue Card Pulled -- walking for additional 5 minutes of recess

    Red Card Pulled -- walking for 5 additional minutes of recess  

    Yellow Card Pulled -- Yellow slip sent home.  Slip must be signed and returned to school.   

     ***There are a few instances when a ticket is pulled without a warning (fighting, cheating, etc).***