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        Welcome to Mrs. Nace's Art Class

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    Welcome to my art class.  I am an elementary art teacher at 2 different schools here in the Chambersburg School district.  I have been teaching art for 17 years.  I hope your child's experience to be both enjoyable and informational.  I teach fine art, looking at famous artist and various styles thourghout the history of art.  I use a many different mediums, so it is important to know the day your child has art and wear appropriate clothing as some of our mediums may stain.
  • Art Schedule:    Days 2,3,4 and 5 Fayetteville

     Day 1 Buchanan


Who is Mrs. Nace?

  • Biography of Mrs. Nace... I am the art teacher at both Fayetteville  and Buchanan elementary. I have had the privilege of teaching in several different elementary schools giving me a real taste for the wonderful diversity in our district. Prior to teaching at Chambersburg, I started out pursuing a career in art education by attending Mansfield University back in the early 80's. I completed my Masters in art education at Millersville University in 2006. The time between my bachelors and masters I spent raisng my children.  I have a daughter and a son, and I am blessed with a grandson and granddaughter. I live about an hour away in Perry County.  My art medium is both watercolor and oil paints, and I spend most of my summer working on my own artwork, as well as making memeories with my grandchildren.