• During reading and writing class this year, we will be emphasizing vocabulary and spelling.  One of the ways we will be doing this is through the use of core words.  These core words are among the most commonly used words in the English language.  On Mondays, students will be receiving five core words and are pre-tested on them.  They are then responsible for knowing those words.  They will write them in their planner when they receive them and circle any they could not spell on the pre-test.  Students should know the definitions and spelling of these five words by the end of the week.  They are then expected to spell them correctly and be able to use them proficiently throughout the year.  Once they have received the words, they will become “no excuse” words.  Whether the student is in reading, writing, math, science, or social studies, the expectation is that the word is spelled and used accurately. If a student has trouble with one of their “no excuse” words, they may be asked to practice the word at home.

    The core words are not meant to be used like a traditional spelling list. These words might not seem challenging and they are not meant to be.  Spelling will be taught through various activities in class such as reviews of rules and Greek/Latin roots. The lists of core words are available below and students are encouraged to look ahead at the words they need to know.