• Manito Alternative High School

    Chambersburg Center

  • Program Overview

    The Chambersburg Center Part-Time Program assists young adults to achieve academic skills and complete required academic credits toward a high school diploma. The program is available for students 17 and older who are considering or have previously withdrawn from public school and now wish to return and complete requirements for a high school diploma. The curriculum utilized is competency based and allows students flexibility in gaining an education at a pace that meets their individual needs. Students may enter the program at any time of the school year. They can attend classes while continuing employment and other personal and family responsibilities. When high school requirements have been met, students receive a CASD diploma.

    Program Highlights

    • Standardized, self-paced, competency based curriculum
    • Student’s home school district determines graduation requirements
    • Student is an "adult learner" between 17 and 21 years old
    • Flexibility in schedule to meet students needs
    • Stringent course completion

    Outcomes Measured

    • Attendance
    • Completion Rate
    • Continuation of learning through attendance at a higher education institution
    Program Description

    Students seeking admission submit an application at the Chambersburg Area Senior High School.  The student will then meet with a district representative to establish a program of study that meets his or her individual needs.

    Each class is designed to provide an individualized educational plan for the student. Students complete academic courses as prescribed by the district's graduation requirements. All academic courses use self-paced curriculum materials, which allow the student to take time to finish any course. A certified teacher facilitates all academic coursework. Success and achievement are measured through the completion of assignments, unit tests, and a final examination for each course.

    A Manito counselor is available as a resource for each student. The counselor can help with issues such as: the completion of job applications, interviewing skills, budgeting, arranging child care, helping with decisions on higher education, and resolving problems. Resources are also available on programs offered by higher education institutions in the local community.


    The program is funded completely by the public school districts of Franklin County.

    The Alternative High School is a division of Manito, Inc., a private non-profit corporation. The Alternative High School is approved to operate under a mandate waiver, applied for by Chambersburg Area School District via Pennsylvania Department of Education.