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    Welcome, students! I am very excited to say fall and virtual classes have been fantastic thus far. I look forward to blending virtual and AABB students begining Monday, October 19.

    We will continue to meet at our scheduled class time on the assigned day either face-to-face or through Google Meet for virtual students and for those students not assigned to school attendance on that day. "A" students attend school on Monday and Tuesday; "B" students attend school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday has been designated as an "enrichment" day of activities in all subjects. Students may chose the work to complete and submit. I will be posting my music enrichment activities here, in Dojo, and on my Google page. The activities will involve listening, writing, and/or drawing.

    The modified class schedule is listed below. Please note: Scotland class times have changed. The first grade class time at Grandview was modified to 1:35. I will be using the same Google Meet nickname code for students to get into the meeting. **Also, please note: due to the very busy schedule face to face, being tasked with the necessity to clean the room between classes, and not having a designated teaching space at Grandview, I will likley NOT be early and logged in to Goggle Meet. Students may not log in to the meeting until I have done so. I apologize for the inconvenience here. in Here is a link to get to the Google Meet site. Google Meet Log-in (Click on the link.) 

    Please note: your child MUST be logged into their District email to use this link. 

    Once we gather in Meet and I am settled in the classroom, we will have a live music class and sing, move, and learn about the many aspects of music. Weekly class lessons may also be found in the music Google classrooms I have created. Feel free to go to the classroom site and view the lesson through the google slides. Also, you may want to print the AABB schedule. I have attached the schedule for the months of October, November, and December. The day of the week students meets each week will shift.

    CASD Revised Daily Calendar, AABB Schedule

    Let's continue to make this the best year ever!! 

    Contact Information: suzanne.thierry@casdonline.org

    A "Note" about grading in music class: Elementary general music is primarily a class of participation as a means of musical growth and development. Weekly attendance and participation are strongly recommended. Should students miss music class, the class content is available for viewing through the student’s google music classroom. Quarterly grades will be based on observation of participation as well as any written assessment that might occur.

    Google Site Link

    Weekly Schedule 2020-2021

    Days 1 & 5: Grandview (Elementary General Music, K-5)             

    Days 2, 3 & 4: Scotland (Elementary General Music, K-5)

    Daily Schedule  

    Day 1/Grandview

    9:05-9:45 Mr. Horst (51) 

    9:50-10:30 Mrs. Musselman (41) 

    12-12:40 Mrs. Shives (31) 

    12:50-1:30 Mrs. Fiss (21)

    1:35-2:15 Mrs. Yablonski (11) 

    2:30-3:10 Mrs. Hill (K1) 

    Day 2/Scotland

    9:05-9:45 Mrs. Fox (21) 

    9:55-10:35 Miss Feairheller (K1)

    10:40-11:20 Mrs. Knouse (51) 

    11:25-12:05 Mrs. Soltroff (31)

    2:05-2:45 Mrs. Taylor (11) 

    2:50-3:30 Mrs. Hoffman (41)

    Day 3/Scotland

    9:05-9:45 Mrs. Bricker (22) 

    9:55-10:35 Mrs. Shields (K2)

    10:40-11:20 Mrs. O'Donohue (52)

    11:25-12:05 Miss Churmusi (32)  

    1:15-1:55 Mr. Varner (34)

    2:05-2:45 Mrs. Green (12) 

    2:50-3:30 Mrs. Zychal (42)

    Day 4/Scotland

    9:05-9:45 Mrs. Widman (23) 

    9:55-10:35 Mrs. Baugher (K3)

    10:40-11:20 Mrs. O'Kirkpatrick (53)  

    1:15-1:55 Mrs. Jacobs (33)

    2:05-2:45 Mrs. Owens (13) 

    2:50-3:30 Mr. Moser (43)

    Day 5/Grandview

    9:05-9:45 Mrs. Preisler (52) 

    9:50-10:30 Mrs. Pennington (42)

    12-12:40 Mrs. Rydbom (32) 

    12:50-1:30 Mr. Ononmatico (22) 

    1:35-2:15 Mrs. Lancaster (12)

    2:30-3:10 Mrs. Bard (K2)