• 8th Grade Social Studies- World Geography

    The foundation of geography is knowing the names and locations of countries, cities, mountains and rivers. If your child has no clue where Japan, Berlin, or Mt Everest is in relation to the United States, then it is hard for him or her to fully grasp the topic when we are discussing it in class. As the world increasingly becomes a smaller, more interdependent place, knowing the names of the places around you is more necessary than ever, but geography is about much more than this single component. Geography places the whole world at your fingertips. It takes you on fantastic voyages to faraway environments and exotic landscapes and introduces you to our planet’s kaleidoscope of peoples, cultures and ways of life. In our increasing globalized and interconnected society, knowledge of geography is more important than ever to understanding the world and your place in it.


    "Main Topics"


    Throughout the course of the school year we will be discussing many topics. We plan on getting through all of the topics listed below (some more in depth than others) using current events, magazines, textbooks and the internet to enhance our discussions of these regions and themes.  

    • Map Skills                                                       
    •  5 Themes of Geography           
    • Culture
    • Immigration
    • Distribution of Wealth
    • Environmental Issues
    • Australia
    • Pacific Islands
    • Antarctica           
    • Africa
    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Russia and its Neighbors