• 7th Grade Social Studies - Ancient History

    All students will:

    ·         Understand the development of prehistoric man.

    ·         Know the chronological development of ancient Middle Eastern cultures.

    ·         Understand the chronological development of ancient Eastern cultures and     Classical Civilizations.

    ·         Learn when the Middle Ages were and what they were like.       

    ·         Appreciate the scope of world cultures as the study of the Earth and its peoples.

    ·         Use maps and other geographic tools and technology to obtain and analyze information.


    Units of Study:

    ·         Prehistory/Early Man

    ·         Fertile Crescent

    ·         Ancient Egypt

    ·         Ancient China

    ·         Ancient Greece

    ·         Ancient Rome

    ·         Middle Ages


    Unit Areas of Focus:  - Each area of focus is intertwined into every Unit of Study


    ·         Geography

    o   Physical Features

    o   Cities/Towns

    ·         Religion

    ·         Government

    o   Type

    o   Public Works

    ·         Culture

    o   Art/Architecture

    o   Writing

    o   Social Classes

    o   Job Specialization

    ·         Contributions