• Our Seniors paid tribute to some of their favorite teachers at Teacher Appreciation Night!  

  • Player: Madison Armstrong
    Teacher: -  Mr. Reed Miller (CASHS)

    Mr. Miller was always there for me.  He enjoyed talking to me about soccer or just anything.  He's fun to be around and makes me and others laugh a lot.  I believe he is one of the best teachers you will meet because of how cool and nice he is. 

  • Player: Ian Berrier
    Teacher: Mrs. Sue DeVos
    (retired from Andrew Buchanan)

    When I think back on my elementary school years, the first moment that comes to mind is Mrs. DeVos' third grade class.  I specifically remember her giving me challenge spelling words, such as "onomatopoeia," along with my regular list.  At the end of the year, she took a fellow classmate and myself out to Pizza Hut because we had the most perfect scores on spelling tests throughout the year.  She is an extremely kind person and was a fantastic teacher to me.  I'm sure that Andrew Buchanan Elementary misses her dearly in her retirement.

  • Player: Drew Betz
    Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Long
    (teacher for homeschool)

    Mrs. Long was my English teacher in 9th, 10th and 11th grades.  She has a contagious love for literature and made me, not only enjoy reading, but also gave me an appreciation for good books.  One of my favorite memories is of the rants she always would have in class about different books and world issues.  Mrs. Long has inspired me and given me knowledge I will take far beyond school.

  • Player: Joshua Evjene
    Teacher: Mr. John Ambrosio (CASHS)

    Mr. Ambrosio was very important to me because he made class fun and funny at the same time.  He was a cool teacher that needed to be serious when our class wasn't on task.  He made a different joke every day and they were always funny. In Modern American History during my junior year, he was great at explaining the material we needed to learn for the test.  He will never be forgotten by me because the way he acts and treats his students is the way I want to treat my students when I teach in the future.  Finally, Mr. Ambrosio changed the way I view life because you always need a little fun in your life to make your life a great one.

  • Player: Marc Furfaro
    Teacher: Mr. Jackson Green (CASHS)

    I chose Mr. Green as my teacher for many reasons.  He not only teaches me economics this year, but he has taught me plenty of life lessons too.  The most important thing Mr. Green taught me was to forgive people. He taught me that people will make mistakes but you can always forget about it, forgive them, and move on.  He also finds a way in class to make his lessons fun, while teaching us the information we need.  Thanks for all of the support, Mr. Green.

  • Player:  Austin Rosenbaum
    Teacher:  Mr. Mark Yost (CASHS)

    Mr. Yost was a special teacher to me because whenever I needed extra help in Algebra he was always there to help me, even if he had other things to do.  He also took a lot of time outside of school to work on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club with me.  He has always been there to guide and help me in or out of school.  He is one of the best teachers I have ever had in school.

  • Player: Kyle Weagley
    Teacher: Miss Jessica Hoover (CASHS)


    During my time in her German classes, Frau Hoover has taught me to look past cultural differences and has always pushed for me to see the world as much as possible.  She's also taught me that individuality is one of the most important characteristics to have in life.  She has always challenged me to do my very best while infusing humor into every class.

  • Player: Alex Maynard 
    Teacher: Mrs. Melinda DeWald (CASHS)

    Mrs. DeWald was a fantastic teacher.  She took the complicated subject of AP Calculus and made it easy and understandable.  She always found a way to help me understand each problem, not just show me how to do it, and never gave a lot of homework, which helped me handle all my other classes.  She was always willing to give up her own time to help out students.  Thanks to her, I received a 5 on the AP Calculus exam.  Her teaching was very influential and important, but the best thing about having Mrs. DeWald was her positive and enthusiastic attitude she brought to the classroom every day.  Calculus is not the most exciting subject, but somehow Mrs. DeWald always had lots of energy to teach it, which made the class a lot more entertaining.  She never had bad days and was always smiling, which made me look forward to Calculus class knowing that it would put me in a better mood.  She was also the nicest person I have ever met.  When the class got loud, most teachers would yell at them, but Mrs. DeWald would just wait.  I don't know if she even can yell.  I never saw her mad once that entire year, which is hard to do when you work with high school students.  Since I had her, I learned many valuable lessons in life.  She taught me how to be independent with my work and gave the students more responsibilities, which I believe will help me in furthering my education.  She also taught me to always look on the bright side of things and to take on challenges with a smile, and I will always remember that when I am in a stressful situation.  Lastly, Mrs. DeWald taught me that through hard work and applying myself I can succeed.